Canadian National Wildfowl Carving Championship
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Ward's World Wildfowl Championship - 2018

Advanced       Gerry Glaves            3rd with a tree sparrow
Intermediate   Zenon Gawel             honorable mention with his killdeer
Novice            Ann Forler                1st with a grosbeak  in bench birds
                     Debbie Sandilands    3rd with a miniature peregrine falcon  in bench birds of prey
                     Sandy Mclintock       1st best category songbirds with a redstart
                                                     2nd best of show with same bird      
                     Linda Gawel   1st with merganser in species    
                                         1st best in category     
                                         2nd best in division
                                         3rd in shorebirds  with a killdeer 
                                         1st in bench with another killdeer
                                         3rd in best of division  in her bench killdeer

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