Canadian National Wildfowl Carving Championship
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Group Photo 2015
GVWC 2016 Garage Sale 

GVWC Garage Sale June 18, 2016

The garage sale was a success with over $500 in revenue.  Thanks to all who participated by donating, helping at the sale and those who made purchases.  


2015 Garage Sale  
A big thank you to all the members who helped at the sale and everyone who donated items to make this such a great success.


2014 Canadian National Wildfowl Carving Championship











Coffee break with
Tim Forler, David Costa and Jim


Vicky Theis, Rick showing some carving techniques
and Larry Livingston Joking as usual



Carving the Santa


Watch that knife


Class room busy at work



More class room work


David, Rick and Jim


More points on the carving for Mike Flynn



David the measurer (Precise is the key to good carving)



more coaching from Rick for Terry.


Tools of the trade


Holding the carving


Rick Hook with Zennon


Bill Wilson getting advice from Rick


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