Canadian National Wildfowl Carving Championship
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The Canadian National Wildfowl Carving Competition


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We are actively fundraising.
The Grand Valley Woodcarvers
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Grand Valley Woodcarvers
Constitution as amended April 12, 2018



The Grand Valley Woodcarvers Club was established in the spring of 1988 by a small group of enthusiastic carvers dedicated to promoting wood carvings as an art. The club operates under a constitution and regulations carried out under the aegis of a Board of Directors.

While the Grand Valley Woodcarvers provides numerous benefits for its members, none is more obvious than the fellowship experienced as carvers meet each Thursday evening. Here beginners and experienced carvers sit elbow to elbow learning and sharing skills. Carvers have access to an excellent, growing reference library which contains illustrated books, reference books, demonstration videos, study bills, patterns, and general reference materials.

Senior carvers provide guidance and assistance to beginners. Formalized presentations on carving, texturing, painting and related topics are scheduled throughout the season. Shows/exhibitions, carving classes and excursions enhance our overall program.

The Grand Valley Woodcarvers Club welcomes individuals interested in woodcarving to visit the club on scheduled meeting nights.

The meetings are held on Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. with carving instruction beginning at 7:00 pm., at the Mannheim Community Centre in the village of Mannheim, just west of Kitchener.



1986 to 1987 Dave Lane & Al Forler went to the Woodstock show. Dave suggested that a club should be started. Ken Yates was suggested as a good carver & a club was started.

Founding members:

Al Forler and Ken Yates

Dave Lane

1988 to 1989 - Dave Lane was the founding Vice President
(Al Forler was the founding President)

Dave served 2 years as Vice-President, and 2 years as President.

Dave continued on the board as the program foreman.

He was on the board of directors until 2007.

He was the longest serving member on the board.

He has been getting the world class judges until 2007 for the show.

It was Dave's idea for the club logo. (Claude Hennessey carved 90% of the logo).

Dave was given a Lifetime members certificate at the April 9th, 2009 meeting.

Dave Lane

“A great man is one who leaves others at a loss after he is gone”
Dave passed away
On Saturday, February 9th. 2013

Al Forler

Al Forler

KW Regional Record Article on
The Grand Valley Carving Club
with Al Forler
By Dianne Wood Record Staff

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1. To develop a high standard of artistry and craftsmanship in wood carving.

2. To promote interest in and an appreciation of the art of wood carving.

3. To organize meetings and workshops through which members can expand their carving skills and interests.

4. To provide a forum for sharing skills, techniques and information among members and other interested persons.

5. To promote conservation of wildlife.

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