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Grand Valley Woodcarvers






Below are the results of the Best of Show and PURCHASE AWARDS at the Canadian National Wildfowl Carving Championship held at RIM Park in Wateloo Ontario 1n March, 2013.

The Grand Valley Woodcarvers Club congratulates the many award winners and sincerely wishes to thank all the competitors.


Purchase Award - M&T Printing Group - Northern Hawk Owl

1st - Tom Baldwin

5008 - Northern Hawk Owl

2nd - Fred Negrijn

5012 Northern Hawk Owl


Purchase Award - ODC - Bob-O-Link

1st - Bruce Lepper

5005 - Bob-O-Link

2nd - Gilles Prud'homme

5002 - Bob-O-Link

3rd - Tom Baldwin

5007 - Bob-O-Link

Honorable Mention - Martin Ward

5001 - Bob-O-Link


Purchase Award - Rubberline Products Limited
Champagne Ducks

1st Gilles Prud'homme


2nd - Bruce Lepper


3rd - Gerry Glaves


Honorable Mention - Fred Negrijn



Purchase Award - Meloche
Miniature Songbird

1st -Bruce Lepper

5009 - Red-Wing Blackbird

2nd - Gilles Prud'homme

5003 - Robins

3rd - Fred Negrijn

5013 - Flycatcher


Best of Show

1st Best of Show - Lana Cowell

4060 -Northern Hawk Owl


2nd Best of Show - Lionel Dwyer

4090 - Baikal Teal Drake


3rd Best of Show - Gilles Prud'homme 4016 - Sun Bittern




Best of Class - Open

1st - Best of Open: Lana Cowell

4060 - Northern Hawk Owl


2nd - Best of Open: Lionel Dwyer

4090 - Baikal Teal Drake


3rd - Best of Open: Gilles Prud'homme

4016 -Sun Bittern




Best of Class - Intermediate

1st Best of Intermediate

Jason Stewart

3060 Northern Cardinal


2nd- Best of Intermediate

Dwayne McMurter

3054 Belted Kingfisher


3rd Best of Intermediate

Winston Smith

3061 Blue Jay




Best of Class - Novice

1st Best of Novice

Patti Huber

2007 Scaled Quail


2nd Best of Novice

Wendy Hatch

2050 Mourning Dove


3rd Best of Novice

Garry L. Jacobson

2039 Saw-Whet Owl



Best of Class - Beginner

1st Best of Beginner

Debra Durfy

1022 Ring-Necked Duck Drake


2nd Best of Beginner

George McDonald

1011 Northern Cardinal


3rd Best of Beginner

Joachim Knauer

1001 Belted Kingfisher




Created Aug., 2017 by P. McLaren based on work from Barkhouse Photography